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About us


Our headquarters and of our renewed and multi-awarded partners are in Austria, a country famous worldwide for its extraordinarily high quality of spring water and soft drinks. The Sultan Drinks team is composed of people with individual qualities and experiences that come to its top only in our team, complementing each other to their best. Many years of experience in the field of medicine, biochemistry, economics and development of soft drinks are reflected in our high-quality products.

The fusion of the traditional and the modern in the form of close-to-nature products, under the motto "Every step back to nature is a step forward in a better future" was and remains the basic principle of our work.
Our goals are:

  • to find the noblest substances from nature and to actively research their biological properties,
  • to unite the chosen substances in the form of carefully thought-out recipes,
  • and ultimately to put it to the challenging world market.

After only three years of work, we are able to report on the worldwide distribution and the continuously growing interest in Sultan drinks. The consumer‘s feedback is extremely positive and relates primarily

  • to the unique and refreshing taste,
  • original recipes and
  • the appealing design.

Your numerous positive comments and the words of the support gave us the strength to persist on this very demanding project and to improve with each passing day.
Thank you!

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Feedback, suggestions or recommendations are welcome.

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