SULTAN DRINKS receives MA Today Annual Award 2021🏆 - Sultan Drinks


SULTAN DRINKS receives M&A Today Annual Award 2021🏆

We are proud to announce that Sultan Drinks has won an international award for the fourth time in a row.

This success thus fits seamlessly into the awards that we have won every year since 2018.This award follows a very specific and comprehensive selection process.For each category, winners are nominated based on their international success.

M&A Awards

After all votes have been received, an independent jury will select the winners based on the following criteria:

  • strategic nature, complexity and scale of the overall venture,
  • new and innovative technologies and/or products and
  • Presence and strategic importance of the company / products

In summary, the M&A Today Annual Award presented provides a benchmark for the best industry leaders, exemplary teams and excellent companies based on variety, correctness and knowledge of the entire entrepreneurial idea.

Our work and performance have been both online…/docs/mandatodayglobal_awards_-_2021…

as well as in the print edition of the M&A Global Awards 2021, pages 34 and 35, and awarded.


SD Awards Despite numerous challenges, 2021 has been the most successful year yet for Sultan Drinks and it is another great recognition of the whole team, all distributors and our industrial partners for their excellent work.

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