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Dear Sultan Drinks customers,

from 1.10.2022 we offer a delivery to whole European Union (with an exception of the Fürstentum Liechtenstein). Minimum order quantity is 1 tray and maximum order quantity are 12 trays. The delivery cost depends on the destination and the number of trays you order. In general the delivery cost per tray is cheaper the more trays are ordered. The cost of goods are always 19 € per tray and the table gives an overview of the delivery costs for your convenience. 


Trays  / DestinationAustriaGermanyOther EU countries
1 Tray4.90 €6.90 €9.90 €
2-4 Trays8.90 €9.90 €14.90 €
5-8 Trays11.90 €12.90 €17.90 €
9-12 Trays14.90 €14.90 €19.90 €

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