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Sultan Energy

Sultan Energy Drink is a game changing concept of energizing drinks that focuses on ingredients while providing a well known Tutti Frutti taste you expect from a good energy drink.


Sultan Energy is not just another Energy Drink on the market. It has been developed to comply to the request of our customers to have a drink with the classic energy drink taste but with superior and healthy ingredients. It is your new companion wherever you need more energy and focus.
The composition has been developed with the target to get rid of any useless ingredients but to provide a drink with selected and healthy ingredients to make it your easy daily choice.

  • only natural caffeine
  • unique vitamin complex to support the function of eyes, nerves as well as muscles and bones
  • with Millenia old and well explored Black Seed
  • plus herbal extract mix of ginkgo (supports circulation and memory) and maca (also called Peruan Ginseng with a number of positive effects like supporting immune system, enhancing energy and elevating libido),
  • with stevia to provide a sugar reduction of well 30% vs conventional energy drinks

It is free of colors, artifical sweeteners well as taurine, inositol and glucoronolactone.
Sultan Energy comes in the zesty yet luxurious color combination of royal blue, silver and gold to emphasize its exclusivity. Enjoy it well chilled whenever doing sports or any other physical activity, need focus in the work or for exams, when you drive or just wish to master your favorite gaming.


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