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Sultan Ice Tea

Sultan Vital Ice Tea is our newest drink with finest taste, moderate calorie content and natural origin of ingredients. Its composition is made for the global presence and suitable for the halal, kosher and vegan based market.

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Sultan Ice Tea is the perfect mix of the traditional Far East ingredients and modern western lifestyle. Asia, well known for its untouched nature and healthy way of living, has inspired us to choose the natural ingredients for our Ice Tea and to create a really different Tea drink.

Well chilled you can best experience the thrilling freshness and the wholesome delicacy of this drink. Naturally without carbonation it appeals to all people and with every sip conjures away the all day stress like a wellness oasis. The business-woman likes him the same way as every lady that pays attention to relaxing way of life.

The accomplished and perfectly tuned design as well as the fusion of unique ingredients an unforgettable taste makes Sultan Ice Tea your favorite drink.

  • black seed from Far Asia
  • invigorating ginseng from South East Asia
  • best green tea from India
  • memorable jasmine allure from Japan
  • unmitigated sweetness from stevia and honey

Sultan Ice Tea is the easy drink that unlike any other combines the matchless ingredients from Asia with most modern technology from the West. It will relax you – best pure and well chilled. The exceptional wellness drink with a worthy composition. Developed in Austria, vegetarian and halal.




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